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Mexican Caribbean Island

The Mexican Caribbean offers the world a variety of destinations for all tastes activities. Amongst these the island are true oases for relaxing, fishing or diving. They are all very different but they all share one common denominator: the charm of the Caribbean.

COZUMEL  Hotel List of Cozumel
Cozumel, the largest inhabited island in Mexico, was originally a huge coral reef formation. Its name comes from the Mayan Cuzamil, which means ‘Place of the swallows’ named for the huge flocks of these delicate birds that stop on the island during their migration.
The island’s archaeological zones, San Gervasio, being the largest tell us that the island was once a thriving religious and commercial center. Pilgrims from all over Mesoamerica came to venerate Ixchel, goddess of the Moon and Fertility, and to consult the  oracle on Cuzamil. Thanks to oceanographer Jaques Cousteau – who discovered the caves under the wonderful coral reefs encircling the island where sharks come to hibernate – Cozumel professional and amateur divers from around the globe. In addition, the deep water surrounding Cozumel are considered some of the best in the world for sports fishing: Dorado, sailfish, swordfish, and other large species congregate here. Each year Cozumel is the venue for the major international billfish tournament.
Cozumel also has a spectacular golf course and nature parks teaming with al sorts of local and regional flora and fauna, in addition to a large underwater natural park where visitors can snorkel or dive. The boardwalk of the island’s picturesque main town, San Miguel, is lined with restaurant, handicrafts stores and Duty-Free shops, including its famous jewelry stores. Huge cruise ships that sail the Caribbean have made Cozumel one of their favorite ports of call.

ISLA MUJERES    Hotel List of Isla Mujeres
Surrounded by the beautiful turquoise water of the Caribbean is only at 20 minute boat ride from Cancun across Isla Mujeres bay. Despite is great popularity as a tourist destination and its proximity to Cancun, the small island has retained much of its picturesque, quiet, bohemian atmosphere.
Full of the happiness that permeates the Caribbean, its street are lines with small brightly painted wooden houses, handicraft shops and restaurant serving up the catch of the day and other specialties.
On Punta Norte, the soft, white sandy beaches and calm water are ideal for sunbathing and swimming.
The island’s famous coral reefs entice visitor to dive or snorkel in the clear blue water. Punta Sur’s imposing cliffs are the perfect setting for a permanent exhibit of sculptures, a temple to the goddess of the Moon and fertility, Ixhel, and a quaint Caribbean village.
From the lighthouse there is a spectacular view of the vast Ocean and Cancun rising on the Horizon.
Isla Mujeres contains some of the most charming Hotels in the Caribbean, several of them quite luxurious, with lordly decoration, spas, Jacuzzis, specialty restaurants and private beaches.

ISLA HOLBOX   Hotel List of Isla Holbox
The small island of Holbox form part of the Yum Balam Protected Area, in northern Quintana Roo. Visitors reach the island with a short, pleasant trip from the port of Chiquila’ on the mainland, often accompanied by entire families of dolphins following in the boat’s wake. The picturesque fishing village with its wooden houses offers basic tourist services and beachfront bungalows provide rustic lodging, ideal for eco-tourism enthusiast seeking a real adventure with nature.
Holbox and its virgin surrounding attract visitors who are looking for something out of ordinary. Isla de la Pasion and Isla de los Pajaros are both a bird watcher’s paradise. In the summer, giant sea turtle come to nest on the more than 25 miles solitary beaches. Sightseers visiting legendary Yalahau Lagoon marvel at its crystal-clear artesian well and the crocodiles that thrive there, or thrill to the flamingos that paint the sky pink as they take to the air.
The sea invite the visitors to plumb its depths: in the summer the Yucatan canal in front of Cabo Catoche is the perfect place to watch Whale Sharks, up close and swim with this giant fish, the largest and the friendliest on the Earth.


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